0403.24/.. max. 100W A

Explosion protected bulkhead light fitting type 0403.24/. is intended for use in mines and
industry, on places with presence of explosive mixtures of gases, vapour and dust with air,
in hazardous areas zone 1, 2

Apparatus category

II 2G/I M2

Marking of explosion-protection

Ex ed IIC T2-T3 / Ex ed I

Enviroment temperature:

-20°C < Ta > +50°C

Degree of protection (IP Code)

IP 54 in accordance with EN 60529+A1, category 1

Resistance to shock

IK 08 in accordance with EN 50102

Insulation class

I (protective earthing) in accordance with EN 61140


CESI 08 ATEX 017XHREx T 05.011X