PSF 2x18W T8

Explosion protected  fluorescent lamps type PSF 218 are intended for use in industry: in areas endangered by flammable and explosive mixtures of gases and air, fumes of flammable liquids and air, or various combinations between the two, in danger zones 1,2. Enclosure material is from glass-mat reinforced polyester and protective bowl is made from polycarbonate

Apparatus category


Marking of explosion-protection

Ex ed IIC T6

Enviroment temperature

-20°C < Ta > +40°C

Degree of protection (IP Code)

IP 66 in accordance with EN 60529+A1, category 1

Resistance to sh°Ck

IK 08 in accordance with EN 50102

Insulation class

I (protective earthing) in accordance with EN 61140