Stainless Steel Control Panels

Due to its compact design, the combined control cabinet is rather lightweight so that only one

person is required for installation. The combined control cabinets are equipped with control

devices according to requirement and wired to the terminals. Two standard housings are

available for equipment and wiring at short notice. It is also possible to use this design for any

individually structured housing, adjusted to your application requirements.

Additional enclosure sizes available!


Stainless steel 316L / SS304 On Request


Screw-fit Lid Cover / Hinged Door Cover

Prot. system:

IP 65

Application temp.:

-40°C to +40°C

Ignition prot. type:

II 2G Ex e II T6

II 2D Ex tD A21 IP65 T80°C

Standard integration devices:

Push button, Double Push button, Selector button, Key Switch,

Emergency-Stop Push button, Indicator Light, etc..