Extra Low Voltage 16 Amp

Appleton’s ATX series of 16 Amp extra low voltage sockets and plugs deliver increased protection to industrial environments where durable and rugged equipment is needed. Th e polycarbonate socket and polyamide cover offer impact and corrosion-resistance where the elements, gases or detergents erode and deteriorate more commonly used materials.

  • Colour coded by voltage
  • Double acting safety device ensures the total disconnection of power when the plug is removed
  • Automatically disconnects each phase in a flameproof chamber
Certifications and Compliances

Ex II 2 G : EEx ed IIC
Ex II 2 D T = + 75°C for dust
Degree of protection IP66
Operating temperature – 20°C to + 40° C
Sockets GRP, plugs & couplers polyamide