Flameproof Power Sockets And Plugs

Appleton’s ATX series of power sockets and plugs guards against arcing with locking receptacles and flameproof disconnection chambers. Plugs cannot be removed with the power on. Disconnections are completed within single or dual flameproof chambers before the plug is removed from the socket. Aluminium alloy flameproof plugs can be used with IEC 60309-2 industrial pin sockets outside hazardous environments. Heavy duty 80 Amp and 125 Amp models offer a cast iron wall mounted socket that is fitted with a load break isolating switch.

  • Colour coded by voltage
  • Available pad lockable covers and handles
Certifications and Compliances

Zone 1 and 2 – 21 and 22
II 2 GD or II 2 G
IP66 or IP55 – IK10