Increased Safety Power Sockets And Plugs

Appleton’s ATX series of sockets and plugs incorporates added safety features that ensure each plug insertion and removal does not disturb the explosive atmospheres of Zone 1-2 locations. Available with a three-pole or four-pole flameproof cut-out switch with auxiliary early break contact. Plugs lock when the power is on. Switch handle can be padlocked in the “Off ” position.
Plug can only be inserted or removed when the switch is in the “Open” (power off ) position.

  • Flameproof cylindrical spigot joint
  • Padlocking cover and handle configurations
  • Wide selection of voltages and applications
Certifications and Compliances

Ex II 2 G : EEx ed IIC
Ex II 2 D T = + 75°C for dust
Degree of protection IP66
Operating temperature – 20°C to + 40° C
Sockets GRP, plugs & couplers polyamide